General Transport

BLUECOAST INVESTMENT LIMITED is one of the prominent transportations and logistics company based in Tanzania. Blue Coast deals with Road Transportation of Petroleum Products and Dry Goods including Passenger Bus Transportation services. General and corrective maintenance of the operating Equipment and office activities are all Part of Blue Coast Activities. Blue Coast has concentrated on the development of trans-national supply and distribution channels in the East and Central Africa region to support the key trade corridors:

Product Distributed

  • Liquid Bulk Tankers – Petroleum Product (Petrol, Diesel, HFO, JET), Edible Oils and Various Solvents.
  • Dry Bulk Tankers – Cement, Soda Ash, Carbon etc.
  • Packed Cargo – General Cargo, Dangerous Goods, Explosives, FMCG Products – Tippers- All minerals, mining commodities, grains etc.
  • Project Cargo- Abnormal loads.

Shipping for Industries

Our customers in the field of project freight are leading companies in the fields of construction, mining and energy where turn-key projects are designed and transferred:

  • Energy Industry.
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Mining
  • Chemicals
  • Government projects and other industries. 

Warehouse and Material Handling

Our strategic warehousing location combined with state-of-the-art design, best processes and systems ensures cost-effective solutions.

Warehousing services:

  • Inventory management and control
  • Process orders
  • Warehouse management
  • Manage supplier performance
  • Manage cross-distribution
  • Forklifts, front end loader, tractors etc
  • Loss control, Inventory and stock levels
  • Weigh bridge solutions

Fleet Management


  • TRACKING: Blue Coast offers our esteemed clients exclusive live tracking and tracking access with guarantee round the clock on the conditions and location of all your consignments.

  • Each vehicle is outfitted with a GPS tracking unit and status updates are emailed to clients twice per day. The tracking system is directly integrated with our fleet dashboards allowing monitoring of driving behaviour and performance, alerts in case of speeding, night driving or deviation from the route are automatically shared to the tracking team.

  • DRIVER: All our drivers are equipped with years of over road experience and participate in our extensive training program. Drivers inspect their equipment continuously, performing pre-trip and post-trip inspections. By operating with a safe fleet and dependable equipment we are able to insure full protection of valuable shipments.

  • MAINTENANCE: Blue Coast Equipment repair and maintenance is in the safe possible hand on Standardized Workshops located in Blue Coast site across Tanzania. From powertrain protection to full bumper to bumper coverage or body and auxiliary equipment, it’s all covered. Early detection of deviation to secure equipment performance and availability to avoid unplanned interruptions in operation is always the driving tool in maintenance activities.

Customs, Clearing and Forwarding

Blue Coast built clearing and forwarding business from the strength of transport operations experience and highly rewarding customer approach. This makes it easy to understand our client’s needs, then move from this understanding, armed with Chemical Permits, Abnormal Cargo Permits and Special exemptions for import and export. Blue Coast Provide full range of Customs Clearing and Forwarding. Our Import and Exports are routed through Dar Es Salaam Port.

blue coast clearing and forwarding